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Forklift Battery Dangers
Electric lift trucks are the best choice by a lot of warehouses or supply outlets which need to move equipment and heavy items into and out off storage. These battery-powered devices can run quietly on big batteries and can lift heavy loads. Normally, warehouse personnel are responsible for swapping out the batteries or recharging them during a shift. Although these batteries have been designed and developed with safety as the priority, there are still several issues a handler should know and things to be avoided when in the vicinity of the batteries.

Several forklift batteries can weigh as much as 2000 lbs. or 1 ton, depending upon the type. These extreme weights factors would require mechanical assistance to safely charge and change the battery. Around 50 percent of all injuries related to forklift batteries result from improper moving and lifting these heavy pieces of equipment. At times jacks, specialized carts, or even other forklifts are used so as to transport and move heavy batteries. The overall success of utilizing these pieces of machine would truly depend on how the handler securely affixes the battery to the cart. Unfortunately, serious injuries could occur due to falling batteries.

There are strict protocols within the industry that describe when and how a forklift battery must be charged. Nearly all businesses have extensive policies and rules describing the safest way to remove the lift truck battery in a safe and efficient way.

In order to handle them, it is important to know the battery is filled with corrosive liquids that require you to follow safety measures. Two of the most common lift truck battery kinds include potassium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. These are both very corrosive materials that could cause chemical burns to the skin, hands, face and eyes.

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