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For anybody determine whether to purchase second-hand or new forklift, it is a very big decision when confronted with the purchasing cycle. The best thing to do is to figure out the application requirements for the lift truck, when trying to choose between the two options. For instance, figure out the type of equipment which is required, how many hours per week or per year you would utilize it and how long you plan to keep it.

Expensive forklifts would normally hold its value over time. It is good to remember that a lower priced brand new forklift might not have the overall dependability, ability or value of a second-hand unit of a higher priced model.

When deciding whether or not to purchase a new or used lift truck, there are 3 aspects of usage which you may wish to take note of: duty cycle, seasonality and utilization. If you are thinking of using your lift truck for 4 or more hours a day, it is better that you buy a brand new unit, particularly if you will have a high-duty cycle. A high-duty cycle means moving numerous loads per hour which are near or at the capacity truck.

If you only need your lift truck for about 4 hours per day or on an irregular basis, a lower cost new model or used lift truck may be optimal. Some of the newer units are available at lower costs which are manufactured for lower-duty cycles. Additionally, if you think that you would expect to utilize the forklift just during particular times of year on a seasonal basis, then a rental program or a second-hand lift truck may best alternative available and can possibly save you lots of money.

It is essential to know whether the equipment will be in constant use. This will mean knowing the amount of uptime and dependability needed for your certain application.

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