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Bakersfield Forklift Masts

Bakersfield Forklift Masts - Situated in Kern County, at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield is located roughly in the middle between Fresno and Los Angles. It is considered to be the 11th fastest growing city in California, according to the official travel website of the city.

Bakersfield was ranked the 11th biggest city in California as well as the 58th biggest city within the United States in 2010, with a population estimated to be something like 338,952. After Fresno and Sacramento, Bakersfield is California's third largest inland municipality. With a population of 800,458, the Bakersfield Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is the 63rd largest urban area within the country. Manufacturing, agriculture, as well as petroleum refining and extracting make up the economy within this region.

The southern tip of the Sierra Nevada is located just to the east of Bakersfield. The city limits end at the Sequoia National Forest, which is located at foot of the Greenhorn Mountain Range and the entrance to the Kern Canyon. Tejon Ranch, which is located in the Tehachapi Mountains, could be found to the south, and to the west is the Temblor Range. The Carrizo Plain National Monument and the San Andreas Fault are situated just behind the Temblor Range, around thirty five miles (fifty six km) from Bakersfield.

With a total area of 114.4 square miles (296 km2), Bakersfield is a big city. 98.86% (Approximately 113.1 square miles, or 293 km2) is land while the other 1.14%, equaling around 1.3 square miles or 3.4 km2, is water. It lies roughly an hour and thirty minutes drive away north of Los Angeles (about one hundred miles or one hundred sixty km) and about four and a half hours southeast of Sacramento (about three hundred miles or four hundred eighty km)

Rated fifth amongst the nation's top medium sized cities for business by a recent Inc. Magazine, Bakersfield is a corporate hotspot, offering one of the most inexpensive and desired locations on the West Coast. It is strategically located at the southern end of Great Central Valley in California, where it is considered part of the world's fifth largest economy. The huge labour pool as well as accessible workplace makes it an ideal place for companies to situate themselves.

The are many well-known businesses situated in Bakersfield including State Farm Insurance (that employs 1,500 people at its regional bank office), ACS Inc. and Pleasant Holidays call centers, ProSoft Technology, DIVR, Inc., and Lortz Manufacturing, which is a tech firm that creates small components that are utilized in the space age and aerospace businesses.

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