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Fullerton Forklift Masts

Fullerton Forklift Masts - Fullerton is located within northern Orange County and currently has a population of 126,003. It was established during the year 1887 by Edward and George Amerige, The land was secured for Santa Fe Railway, Topeka and Atchison by George H. Fullerton, who the city was named after.

Fullerton was at first, mostly used for agriculture. The warmer weather conditions is perfect for growing citrus corps, in particular Valencia oranges. Other thriving sectors in Fullerton consist of transportation, petroleum extraction and manufacturing. The education sector likewise provides a notable amount to the economy, with the California State University, Fullerton being the highest contributor.

Downtown Fullerton has gone through about 20 years of reconstruction. It combines an old town atmosphere together with updated, contemporary buildings which over a variety of surfaces and goods. There is a growing number of restaurants and cafes establishing themselves along with new entertainment facilities. There are over 70 historic buildings situated downtown that are shaded by an abundance of shade trees and decorative walkways. The city offers over 2500 free parking spaces so that customers could simply access the vast amount of space dedicated to retail and office space. (350,000 square feet and 275,000 square feet, in that order.) Lots of exciting venues are located downtown, like the Museum Center, Plummer Auditorium and the Downtown Plaza. Fullerton provides different religious, government and financial institutions to satisfy all the individuals of the city. More than 350,000 individuals depend on the local transportation system on a yearly basis.

The top employers within Fullerton are CSUF (California State University, Fullerton) (with 3,667 employees), St. June Medical Group , Fullerton School District (1,390 workers), Beckman Coulter (1,300 employees), and Raytheon (1,200 staff).

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