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Lancaster Forklift Masts

Lancaster Forklift Masts - The city of Lancaster is located in the state of California close to the Mojave Desert. It is the second biggest city within the region. Currently it has a population of about 145,074 people and is considered the 8th largest city within Los Angeles County. The city is separated from Bakersfield by the Tehachapi mountain range (to the north) and from the Los Angeles Basin by the San Gabriel Mountains (to the south.) Lancaster is situated around 70 miles north from Los Angeles. It is the 9th fastest growing city within the US, having gone from 37,000 in 1977 to its existing residents of 145,074.

The standard of living is relatively high because of the high family income ($61,298, which is higher then the national average) and low housing prices (lower then $302,000, which is the state average.) Over 70 percent of the population of Lancaster own their very own houses.

Lancaster city puts a huge priority on local business and supports growth by offering less red tape and low priced land as an incentive. Growth has rapidly increased during the years as distribution centers for companies consisting of Michaels, Rite Aid, and Sigma have developed.

The responsibility to attract some businesses to the city is the Lancaster Redevelopment Agency. Lancaster Town Center and Front Row Center are just some of the businesses this organization has been able to attract to Lancaster. The Agency has designated five locations as industrial and business parks, which are Fox Field Industrial Corridor, Enterprise Business Park, Lancaster Business Park, North Lancaster Industrial Center, and North Valley Industrial Center.

One major objective for development in the city is to continue the downtown revitalization venture. There are some historic buildings and several modern amenities presently in the downtown area including a library and a performing arts center. The Lancaster Old Town Site (LOTS) is responsible for the renovation of business facades in the Old Town area.

The BVLD, is a revitalized stretch of Lancaster Boulevard that runs roughly one mile which was just finished in 2010. It is situated between sierra highway and 10th street west.

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