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Salinas Forklift Masts

Salinas Forklift Masts - Salinas is presently the biggest city within Monterey County with a population of 148,350 and is located just eight miles from the Pacific Ocean. The mouth of the Salinas River lies roughly 10 miles west-northwest from the city. It is about fifty two feet above sea level. This suburban city was known as "Salad Bowl of the United States" since 80 percent of all the lettuce produced within the US is produced here.

There are various kinds of housing within the city for all the levels of income. Salinas has everything from luxury homes to low level apartments, that depends on the area.

Due to the weather is extremely mild type of weather, makes the area perfect for the vineyards and floral industry. The city heavily leans on its agricultural focus. It was even the birthplace of John Steinbeck, who has since won a Nobel Prize in Literature. A lot of his novels were inspired or set in the city.

The temperature in the city ranges during the wintertime is about sixty degrees during the day and 30 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime, while during the summer is approximately ten degrees higher at seventy degrees Fahrenheit, which lowers to approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The precipitation averages roughly 14.4 inches of rain every year.

Within the economy, there are around 55% of work being of the blue collar type, with 45% white collar. The sales and office management () and various associated occupations (21.4%), are the two top occupation sectors within the city. Farming, fishing and forestry (14.4%) and production, transportation and material moving occupations (14.4%) account for many of the other jobs within the city. Only 9.1% of the people worked in construction and maintenance. Then again, numerous individuals believe this number is skewed. These numbers do not comprise farm workers who migrate and work for about nine months of the year.

Local agriculture businesses, like for example D'Arrigo Bros., Taylor Farms and Tanimura & Antle hire a large percent of the residents, as do various companies comprising HSBC and Fresh Express.

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