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Visalia Forklift Masts

Visalia Forklift Masts - The city of Visalia is a city nearly halfway between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. It is situated 230 miles south east from the city of San Francisco and 190 square miles north of Los Angeles. The agriculturally based city spanning 28.6 square miles, with a city population of 125,921, ranking as the 46th biggest city in the state of California and the 204th biggest in the US. It was ranked the 3rd fastest growing city in California and the 19th fastest growing city in the United States in 2007. The city is located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Residents proudly refer to themselves as "Visalians." Visalia is nicknamed the "Jewel of the Valley" and is considered to be the Gateway to the Sequoias.

The town of Visalia was established in the year 1852, and is considered to be the first permanent inland settlement between Los Angeles and Stockton within the Sequoia Valley. Located a few miles away is the tallest mountain range within the United States, the Sierra Nevada. Visalia is also the nearest city to the Sequoia National park. Giant Sequoia trees, one of the biggest living things on earth, can be found here.

The economy within Visalia mainly consists of agriculture, in particular: grapes, olives, cotton, citrus, and nursery products. Moreover, driving the economy are the distribution, manufacturing and livestock facilities (commonly paper and electronic products). The fastest growing employer base is in the light manufacturing and commercial/industrial distribution sectors.

The 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report states that the top ten companies (not in order) within the city were County of Tulare, Cigna, City of Visalia, Jo-Anns Stores, College of Sequoias, International Papers, Kaweah Delta Medical Centre, and Visalia Medical Clinic.

The one drawback of living in Visalia is its proximity to the Pacific Ring of Fire. Each year, around 10,000 earthquakes hit the Pacific Ring of Fire. While no major earthquakes have ever hit the city, it still suffers from some of the aftershocks. Fortunately, the majority are too low of an intensity to be felt. Practically all areas within the San Joaquin Valley are at risk to blind thrust earthquakes. Some parts of the city are vulnerable to floods.

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