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Santa Ana Forklift Masts

Santa Ana Forklift Masts - The city of Santa Ana is the County seat of Orange County. It has an overall population of 328,000 and a land area about 27.2 square miles. It is now the government and financial centre of the county, but it competes with Irvine for the lead in commercial development.

Downtown revival is amongst the main objectives of Santa Ana. The California State Fullerton's Grand Centre Art Center is based downtown. The city has built the Santa Ana Artists Village, that houses the Old County Courthouse and the Bower's Museum. Likewise located downtown are several theaters, art galleries, the Ronald Regan Federal Building and Courthouse and the Santa Ana Civic Center.

The downtown area is a perfect mix between commercial and residential communities. There are historic homes within the area dating back to the late 1800's. The city is taking great care in order to maintain the cities historic monuments while the downtown area develops.

Santa Ana's financial system is based mostly dependent on technology. The city is in a great position to guide the rest of California into the information age. Santa Ana ranks third in the state of California for the amount of office space accessible downtown, coming in behind Los Angeles and San Francisco. They ranked thirteenth for the largest number of businesses established and have the fourteenth biggest consumer market within the country.

At first the financial system within Santa Ana was dominated by agricultural industries. Then again, aerospace businesses (especially Huges and Northrop) became prominent shortly after the end of WWII. Once the University of California was built in Irvine during the mid sixties, science based industries prospered and developed. Santa Ana is considered Southern California's top high-tech area. Among the "Fast Fifty" companies, Santa Ana has twenty one of them established in the city limits.

The city strongly encourages small businesses, that is one of the reasons the city's financial system is really strong. Almost a quarter of these smaller companies are owned by the minority. Due to the cities strong economic base, it can outperform lots of other cities in the state of California during hard economic times.

Within the County of Orange, there have been some businesses which have been established, like St. John Dritts, Roxy, and Gotcha.

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