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Irvine Forklift Masts

Irvine Forklift Masts - Irvine is situated in the heart of Orange County. It encompasses a total of 45 square miles and was recently annexed with the former El Toro Marine Corps Air State and an undeveloped area in the now-northern part of the city. Even though the cities official incorporation was on December 28 the year 1971, it has mainly been developed by the Irvine Company ever since the 1960's. The city currently hosts a population of approximately 217,686.

Irvine has received several awards including the "fourth best place to live in the United States" in 2008 (by It also has the lowest crime rate (with populations more then 100,000) and the 7th highest median income (with populations over 65,000).

The vibrant business environment is what the city is known for. Irvine has a wonderful climate, safe environment and great opportunities for housing, which help to make the city a really desirable place to live. The labour force found here is highly knowledgeable, allowing companies to employ only the best. There is an assortment of quality amenities offered to the residents of the city.

There are some various kinds of companies which thrive in the city. Among the most prosperous are automotive design firms, bio-medical companies, computer software and hardware companies, and medical device makers.

Irvine has several economic development plans intended to benefit both prospective and existing businesses. Among the many services that they provide to expanding or new businesses are pre-filing meetings for business permits, guaranteed small business loans, industrial development bond financing, workshops on business development, manufacturers and brokerage firms, outreach to retailers, and business attracting marketing and worldwide business development.

There are several internet sites that provide information to prospective companies, like for instance CalGOLD and Destination Irvine. Destination Irvine provides information concerning starting up or relocating a company in Irvine, and CalGOLD has information concerning permits along with whatever other requirements of California agencies consisting of addresses, telephone numbers and web page information.

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